Expressed proteins

Dr. Kenneth Bromberg BROMBERG at snybksac.bitnet
Wed Jul 10 13:10:30 EST 1991

I would like a good review on making fusion proteins or expressed
protein.  I am doing IgM Western blots for the diagnosis of congenital
syphilis.  The antigen is from T. pallidum grown up in rabbits (given
to us by a generous syphilis researcher).  We would like to get around
the need for rabbits by making the proteins in some host.  Do you need to use
different systems for the membrane proteins?  Where can I read about this?

What about all these commercial systems with their expressions vectors and affi
nity purification steps?

In addition, we have been doing immunofluorescence for the
diagnosis of congenital syphilis.  This also works on formalin fixed
tissue.  If any researcher has appropriate samples, we would be glad to
do it for them.  In addition, we are doing IF for B. pertussis in
formalin fixed tissue.  The same offer holds for any clinical

 Suggestion for a review of expressed proteins would be appreciated.

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