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>>I have read that it is exceedingly difficult to blunt-end ligate products from
>> PCR  (without cleaving first in internal restriction sites). I am attempting
>>to clone the product of a PCR reaction into a blunt end cutter site (eg SMA 1)
>>in pBluescript. Does anyone have suggestions?
> You could try the TA cloning method. Invitrogen has a kit but it seems fairly
> straighforward. There's a rapid communication in NAR 19:1154 by Marchuk,
> Drumm,Saulino and Collins describing it.
> George

The problem with the Invitrogen kit is the price.  An alternative, suggested
to me by longtime freind Mick Graham late of Calgene (Australia), was to
make your own TA vector by cuting your vector of choice with a Blunt-end 
restriction enzyme (eg SmaI) and then tailing with dideoxyTTP. This 
apparently works well, and it looks a very simple approach which will
allow PCR cloning more efficiently that after blunt end repairing (as it
makes use of the generally A extension put on by the PCR process for base
pairing during the cloning step).  I gather this was written up as a note
for NAR but I don't know if it's out yet.


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