TNF/IL-1/IL-2 for murine (lab.) needed..

Wed Jul 10 12:00:07 EST 1991

Dear Netfolk,

We intend here to investigate the cytokine levels of murine (animals, like
mice, rat, guinea pig, rabbit) by RIA in response to some medicinal plants.
(as for RIA, we have Gamma-counter.  Therefore, we need 125I-labelled cytokine)
I looked to some catalouges but could not see TNF-alpha, IL-1b, IL-1a,
IL-2 like cytokines (with 125I-labelled) for murine (mice, rat,
rabbit etc).

Is there anyone here on netland if these radio-labelled cytokines for
murine animals are already on the market?
If they are on the market already, which companies do sell them?

DuPont (NEN), Calbiochem and Advanced Magnetics Inc. (Mass.) seems
to have a lot of radio-labelled cytokines.  But none of them
seem to have these radio-labelled cytokines to murine.
All the labelled ones are for human.

 Any information about this topic is greatly appreciated...

 Suleyman AYDIN

 Medicinal Plants Research Centre,
 Anadolu Univ., tepebasi 26470 - eskisehir / TURKEY
 Fax-net: (22) 150127 - Turkey
 Bitnet : d54 at tranavm1.bitnet

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