Hyb-Aid Cheap substitute

kim at m44.unm.edu kim at m44.unm.edu
Thu Jul 18 12:08:21 EST 1991

Another episode of the "Frugal Molecular Biologist."

There is a device called "Hyb-Aid", which rotates cylindrical cannisters which
contain Southern or Western blots for hybridization.  It comes with or without
an incubation oven.  The device itself is very expensive (>$1000), while the
other components (Cannisters, clips, etc) don't cost a fortune.

I wonder if the rotation device can be replaced with a rotessierie (sp?)
designed for use on an outdoor barbecue grill?  These cost about $30.00 at the
hardware store, and fulfill the requirement of a slowly turning spindle to
which things can be clipped.  The hybridization oven can be replaced with an
existing icubator or oven (Or no oven for incubating Westerns).

Daniel Kim

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