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Tue Jul 9 10:52:37 EST 1991

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>I have been looking into a method for Poly(A+) selection using a paper
>substrate linked to poly(U) called Hybond-mAP (AMERSHAM).  I am told (by
>AMERSHAM technical support) that mAP has a small but loyal following, and I was
>wondering if anyone out there has used it.  Is it as easy and effective as
>          Thanks in advance for your comments.
>Daniel Kim

Yes, I have used the Hybond-mAP paper.  I liked it ok, but it has llimitations.
The biggest being that only small quantities can easily be isolated.  It is also 
kind of cost restrictive.  I don't remember of have readily available numbers 
regarding the yields, but I believe that Amersham's numbers are pretty accurate.

I required much larger quantities of Poly(A+) mRNA so I resorted to an oligo-dT-
cellulose batch method for isolation of the RNA.

Good luck.  There are likely others out theree with better suggestions and 

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