pro vs eu

MARIO G garcia at
Fri Jul 19 14:47:37 EST 1991

I am not sure if this is the appropriate group for my question but here it goes:
I have a 3.0 Kb cDNA clone that was picked from a tomato cDNA library by functional
complementation of a deletion mutant in Escherichia coli. My problem is 
that I have not been able to eliminate the possibility of having picked up a 
bacterial gene that was present as a contaminant in the tomato library.  I have 
several reasons to suspect that in fact I have a prokaryotic gene.(Very strong
promoter that works well in complementation experiments in E coli, two proteins
seen in maxi-cell experiments) 
I would appreciate any hints or advice that could help me identify this gene
as Eukaryotic or prokaryotic.
Please answer directly to me.  Thank You
M Garcia-Rios
MGG at  
Biological Sciences
Purdue University

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