Phage DNA for FISH

shapiro at shapiro at
Wed Jun 19 12:23:08 EST 1991

	We are currently performing a large number of fluroescent in situ
hybridization (FISH) analyses of metaphase chromosomes using DNA prepared from
EMBL3 phage clones.  We have been preparing the DNA using Qiagen columns and
have found lot to lot variability in the quality of the DNA for FISH, with
significant background hybridization in some lots.  We are interested in       
finding other rapid alternatives for high quality phage DNA preps 
(approximately 10-12 per week),such as modifications of DEAE cellulose
minicolumns.  We would like to avoid gradient purification of the DNAs or 
find some way to cleanup the Qiagen-prepared DNA to make it consistently
suitable for FISH.

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