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>> addition, while someone is editing a sequence on the
>> instrument, it can not be used for sequencing at the same time.
> You should use the multifinder on the mac and perhaps 1-2mb more RAM

and it appears (a rumor?!) that ABI is "releasing" their software, ie
all who want it can get it (source codes too), so that it should be
simple to go do the editing on another MAC while the other is busy

There is a group of researcher here at Simon Fraser University which
have obtained $$$ to bye a machine.  Now they have to chose which
machine they will buy.  We have lots of Pharmacia and ABI reps comming
around to attract out this purchase.  The major factors which have
influenced the poeple here are:

*cost of running the machine (synthesis and labelling of oligos),
 here Pharmacia is best, simpler and cheaper.
*software, here ABI is better.  The way they run their system (different
 dyes in the same lane) has produced problems for them which they had to
 correct with software, and it appears they have done a good job of
 this.  But pharmacia has a new beta version of their software that they
 will come to demo tomorrow, I will let you know!

other factors off course include ease of use, input from other users
(again ABI is favored here), and speed of run (output).  As far as the
output is concerned, although Pharmacia claims a faster nucleotide/min
rate, both machines probably move faster than sequencing reactions will
reach them  ;-)  ...  So it may not be an issue at this point.

The users here will have a dedicated person to operate the machine, but each
group/lab will have their own plates that they will pour themselves.
The cleanliness of the plates appears to be an important factor in the
obtention of good patterns.

Some (here at SFU) say that we should wait a bit longer ...  that we
don't need this technology.  At the type of $$$ they are asking you can
hire a good tech and lots of 35^S ...  which is probably true ...

the saga continues ...

I will keep you posted!


PS Please insert usual disclamor here ... thank you

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