MBY134 at sysh.surrey.ac.uk MBY134 at sysh.surrey.ac.uk
Tue Jun 18 06:00:11 EST 1991

Hi everybody

Does anyone have any experience in isolating bacteria RNA and doing
northern blots, library screens? Is there any way of purifying
bacterial mRNA?
Our attempts have so far met with very limited success - the nearest
we get to a band on a northern is a smear.
We have thought of using hybridization protection assays, instead of
northerns as this might give sharper bands with the relatively
degraded RNA that one tends to get from bacteria; but we fear that
the degraded RNA would not efficiently protect a labelled template.

Any ideas welcome

Johnjoe McFadden
University of Surrey, UK.

E-mail: mby134 at UK.AC.SURREY.SYSH

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