DNA synthesizer info needed!

Thomas Collet collet at .scripps.edu
Wed Jun 12 11:40:52 EST 1991

I am not sure whether a request similar to this has been
posted recently, but in case it hasn't:

We are interested in synthesizing our own oligos for PCR
and sequencing/mutagenesis and are confused by the variety
of machines offered. Our requirements are the following:
	* should be able to synthesize 2-4 oligos at a time
	* should be able to synthesize RNA
	* compatible with the new PAC phosphoamidites
	* require little maintenance and be easy to use
	* automatic monitoring of coupling efficiencies
	* sequencing grade product
Also, we are interested in these OPC-type columns for the
purification of the crude product.

If you have had good - or bad - experiences with a par-
ticular machine in your lab, please let me know. If there
is enough interest, I will summarize and post on this 
bulletin board.

Thomas			COLLET at SCRIPPS.EDU             

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