antisense oligomers

bugg at bugg at
Fri Jun 7 18:03:02 EST 1991

Does anyone out there have any experience with antisense oligomers?  We have
this idea to try and prevent translation of our protein of interest with an 
antisense oligomer overlapping the 5' end of the gene.  According to what 
literature we can find on the subject, it is important to try to stop 
translation near the start codon, because if you let the protein get started, 
the oligomer will not prevent its formation.  Are there any methods for getting
the oligo into the cells other than passive diffusion?  Has anyone out there 
tried delivering a plasmid which produces antisense RNA into a cell to turn off
a gene?
All advice on the subject would be appreciated.  Thanks!

Barbara Bugg  BUGG at ST.JUDE.ORG
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Memphis, Tennessee  USA

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