E.coli host cells (rec deficient)

Jeffrey N Masters jmasters at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
Wed Jun 12 17:52:14 EST 1991

You might consider a stratagene bug, SRB or SRB(P2). They
have deleted alot including DNA repair and claim that
the bug is the next best thing to sliced bread. Because
of the DNA repair mutation, the bug should be streaked out
weekly from glycerol stock, and the plate wraped in foil
to protect from light. An added advantage is kan resistance.

sbcC, recJ, umuC::Tn5(KanR), uvrC, thi-1, endA1, supE44
(lac), gyrA96, relA1, mcrA, delta(mrr, hsdRMS, mcrBC)
(F', proAB, lacIqZdeltaM15)

The P2 dirivative helps in cloning methylated DNA.

Good Luck

Jeff Masters

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