E.coli host cells (rec deficient)

Doug Brutlag brutlag at cmgm.Stanford.EDU
Thu Jun 13 13:37:13 EST 1991


    We found that a longer DNA repeat was stable in recA- cells (a 359 base
pair repeat and a 254 bp repeat) but we weren't sure whether this stability was
due to the nature or the length of the repeating unit. We did do an experiment
growing the cells with 16 tandem repeats of 359 base pairs for over 150
generations with repeated serial dilutions of the culture and found only a
single major deletion event late in the growth.  The references for you to look
at with respect to stability of longer repeats (254 and 259 bp) are:

Carlson, M. and  Brutlag, D. (1977).  Cloning and characterization of a complex
satellite DNA from Drosophila melanogaster.

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