Mike Smith mwsmith at UCSD.EDU
Wed Mar 13 19:43:14 EST 1991

     Has anyone tried the Strataclean resin from Stratagene?  Today I used 
this resin in a alkaline lysis miniprep method.  Basically the resin is used
to bind up protein from the cellular extract instead of a phenol chloroform 
extraction.  Stratagene claims that the miniprep DNA is suitable for digestions
and sequencing.  The miniprep DNA did cut with SstI, but I wonder if the 
background RNA will interfere with sequencing.
*****I have several questions for the BB:  *****
1) Has DNA purified using this resin worked for sequencing in anyones hands??
2) Is Stratagene the only source?  The resin is priced at $0.55-0.77/miniprep.
     Seems like a steep price for a reagent that they probably can make 
     by the bucketful, and later sell in 3ml and 9ml packages.
    I have no financial connection to the manufacturer.  Just looking for a 
less toxic approach to isolating DNA.

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