Info please on gram pos bacteria

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Tue Mar 12 19:55:27 EST 1991

Hello Netlanders,
	I am posting this for a friend who doesn't have net access.  Please 
reply either directly to him (address under) or I can relay any info Emailed 
to me.
	Dr. Steven Djordjevic is working at the New South Wales dept of 
Agricultre Research Institute, and has some questions regarding the gram
positive bacteria Bacillus larvae (which infects bee hives).  
1)  Does anybody know how well gram positive bacterial transcriptional/
translational signals are interpreted in a gram negative bacground like E.coli?
2) Are there any useful systems for propogating gram pos. plasmids in a model 
3) Does anybody know how gram positive strains might be (heat) cured of 
plasmids they are carrying? In this case, a plasmid of about 9 kb.
4) Are there any useful systems for transposon mutagenesis of gram pos.

	Thanking you in advance for any replies.
Dr Steven Djordjevic,
NSW Dept Agriculture and Fisheries
PMB 8 Camden 2570
phone + 61 46 293349
fax   + 61 46 293300

or EMAIL to me
Dr Jeremy Weinman
jjw at (note zero not O.  Mail to DES813 at 
                                        will also get to me)


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