GS-transferase isolation

Fri Mar 8 07:15:01 EST 1991

Here follows a request of a friend of mine from the Biochem. dept of Medical
school, Anadolu university, eskisehir.   -- suleyman--

Dear Friends,

I am trying to isolate GLUTATHIONE S TRANSFERASE (from rat liver) by HPLC.
Currently, i am trying to figure out the most appropriate method.

In the paper (LaCRETA, F.P et al., j.Chromatogr., 434:83,1988), affinity
chromatography column is needed from SHOWA DENKO,TOKYO/JAPAN.

1. Does anyone know where can i find similar column(s) of this purpose, or
2. What is the exact address of this Person (or firm)
3. Is there another methods other than affinity chromatography? (Here we have
   HPLC, TLC, GC, GC/MS, and centrifuge -max G is 25.000-)
4. Must i operate the HPLC in +4 degrees Celcius? (here, our HPLC can not
   work in that low degrees (i am informed so..)

Thanks for all ...

Sema Uslu (ph.d. student in Biochemistry)
Anadolu univ., medical school, biochemistry dept., 26050 eskisehir/TURKEY

and .... e-mail address:d54 at Tranavm1.Bitnet
---------suleyman the gateway to campus-----------

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