Vertical agarose electrophoresis

William R. Pearson wrp at biochsn.acc.Virginia.EDU
Mon Mar 11 13:37:04 EST 1991

In article <9103100855.AA04653 at> EBMV36 at writes:
>Is there anyone who has the experience of doing genomic southern hybridization
>using vertical electrophoresis?  According to the adv. of Stratagene, they
>claimed the vertical electrophoresis gives better resolution and saves the
>running time.  I am wondering why there is just only one model of commercial
>electrophoresis apparatus available if the vertical agarose electrophoresis
>has such wonderful magics.
>Any comment and discussion would be appreciated.
>Chao-Liang Wu
>Dept. of Molecular Biology
>Univ. of Edinburgh
>EBMV36 at

	I am a great fan of vertical gel electrophoresis for Northern
and Southern blots.  I believe that it provides a quality and reproducibility
that is difficult to match with horizontal apparatus.  We use gel boxes
made be Watson Products, PO Box 247, (818) 797-5773.  They are a "mom &
pop" company that started making vertical gel apparatus just as agarose
was being developed for DNA fractionation.  They sell frosted (sand-blasted)
plates, which are essential for holding low-percentage gels in position.

Bill Pearson

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