glassmilk for small DNA

Wen-Yen Kao wyk238 at
Sun Mar 3 15:18:01 EST 1991

Sorry if I missed the earlier part of the glassmilk discussions.
Here is the question.

This is what I heard from a BIO 101 salesrep at last year's ASCB 
San Diego meeting. He explained to me that the reason why glassmilk 
does not bind to small DNA fragment (say, < 500 bp) too well is 
because of the pH.  When we need to isolate the smaller fragment, 
all we need is to lower the pH (it may be what they do for the Mermaid).

Since I haven't been doing any of fragment isolation lately to see
how that works out, I was wondering if any bionetter has a home 
recipe for this, too?

-wenyen (wyk238 at

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