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In reply to Kathy Cheah:

>Has anyone had experience with a thermal cycler sold by MJ Research
>model PTC100? I need to buy a new one and the blurb and price seem
>reasonable but I would like some idea of the reliability, temp.accuracy
>well to well, and ease of use of this machine. Thanks to those who reply.
>Kathy Cheah

     We have used the PTC100 for about a year now.  It has broken down
once, but MJ Research did provide a loaner while it was in the shop.
It certainly has given the expected PCR bands with no indication
of any significant non-uniformity across the heating/cooling block.
We have never actually checked the temperature with a probe, but I
suspect that it is close to the panel reading.
     Programming the machine, while not that difficult, is still not
the most intuitive process that I have ever had to follow for
equipment of this type.  I find myself having to pull out the
instruction manual if I havn't used the machine in a while and need to
enter a new program.  If no new program is necessary, getting the
machine running from already entered programs is no problem at all.
    One annoyance is that while there is a battery back-up for the
programs, there is no back-up to determine where you were in a run if
the machine loses power while operating.
    If the price is right, I feel I can recommend the machine as being
up to it's task.

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