Unreliability of PCR machines in time

HRMBDKC at hkumd1.hku.hk HRMBDKC at hkumd1.hku.hk
Fri May 3 05:37:00 EST 1991

I bought a Techne PHC-1 PCR machine 2 years ago and have been using it
a lot during this time. Around 6 months ago PCR suddenly became unreliable
i.e. sometimes it would work sometimes not. After many months of testing
everything one could think of re the reaction conditions etc we now realize
that the reason for our problems is that the machine is no longer accurate
in temp. and varies greatly from well to well. Has anyone else found this?
I will probably have to buy a new machine if I can raise the money--which
machine is the best to buy nowadays??
PCR is such a powerful technique---but only when its working. When itsnot...
the frustration is !!!!!!####. Advice from anyone out there is welcome.
Kathy Cheah

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