"RE: Vacuum pumps for gel drying"

ALSOBROOK at yalemed.bitnet ALSOBROOK at yalemed.bitnet
Fri May 31 07:33:00 EST 1991

I would like to add one caveat to the pump discussion: no piece of equipment
is 'fool-proof'.  I've used Savant's refrigerated traps for many years, and
they are truly excellent; unfortunately, incompetent boobs have throughout the
years shattered numerous glass traps (currently around $130 each for the small
ones), forced oil from the pump back into the trap, hooked up the pump directly
to the gel dryer, and the list goes on and on. Do your absolute best to train
everyone (even though they'll insist they already know how to use the
equipment!) in basic plumbing principles, and you'll minimize your grief with
any system.  It also seems to help if EVERYONE who uses the pump system is
part of the maintenance rotation -- the inconvenience engenders respect, I

Too bad about the GeneVac; it seemed like a great idea, but I always
thought the price was out of line. Now we know the extra money buys nothing.

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