source for 5-methyl-dCTP?

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Tue May 21 12:41:51 EST 1991

In article <71871A5DF0BF406E37 at twnas886.bitnet>, YHSUN at writes:
> Stratagene has a cDNA synthesis kit which uses 5-methyl-dCTP for its 1st
> strand cDNA synthesis... But does anyone know a commercial source for 
> 5-Me-dCTP? 
> Henry Sun
> Institute of Molecular Biology
> Academia Sinica
> Taipei, Taiwan

Boehringer Mannheim lists 5-methyl-dCTP, catalog #757 047, 10 micromoles
in their 1990/1991 catalog, page 236.  They describe it as a useful substrate
for producing hemimethylated DNA.  In case you don't have their catalog, they
list a distributor in Taiwan - Formo Industrial Co., Ltd.  RM.D., FL. 9,
#121, Sec. 3, Ho-Pin East Road P.O. Box 57-74 Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C.
Tel.: (02) 7367125  Fax:(02) 7362647.
Good luck!

Barbara Bugg
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Memphis, Tennessee  USA

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