PUC 13 & RE Sites in Polylinker

Thu May 9 22:04:00 EST 1991

Date sent:  9-MAY-1991 21:57:09 

Erica Cabot, asked.....

>   Someone in our lab has received a pUC13 clone and would like
>to restriction map the insert.  Specifically we'd like to
>know which enzymes cut in the polylinker and which enzymes
>don't cut in the vector at all.
>   The problem is that none of the catalogs that we have on hand
>list either pUC13 or m13mp13.
>   Does anyone out there know a supplier of either pUC13 or m13mp13?
>Alternatively does anyone know the answer to the question I pose
>in paragraph #1?

Check in your library for "From Genes to Clones" by Ernst Winnacker,
ISBN 0-89573-614-4 (see page 292). The following restriction enzymes
cut in the polylinker of PUC 13: HindIII, PstI, (SalI, AccI, HincII),
XbaI, BamHI, (XmaI, SmaI), SstI, EcoRI, and HaeIII. Hope this helps.


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