Better methods for PolyA+ please

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Tue May 28 01:58:55 EST 1991

I'm posting this for a friend in Melbourne, Australia who doesn't have 
easy net access.

Advice needed on easy methods for Poly A+ RNA isolations (from soft mammalian
The person concerned doesn't have a way of monitoring A260 of washings from
an oligo dT column directly (the monitor is broken and the lab has no money
to fix it), and would rather not have to take aliqots to a spec to read A260.
She has tried oligo dT paper, but is really after something that will provide
a greater final quantity of clean PolyA+ RNA.  I've suggested the (Pharmacia?)
kit in which the oligo dT is coupled to magnetic beads, but this is an expensive
kit and my friends lab isn't rich.  Are there any (relatively cheap), simple
protocols out there that will give large amounts (>25ug) of PolyA+ RNA.  Please
pass any hints/suggestions/protocols on to me and I'll pass them on to my
friend.  (I'll be quite interested in the answers myself, anyway!)

Thanking you all in advance,


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