Looking for pUC13 info

Eric Cabot elmo at troi.cc.rochester.edu
Thu May 9 12:57:19 EST 1991

Hi Netters,
   Someone in our lab has received a pUC13 clone and would like
to restriction map the insert.  Specifically we'd like to
know which enzymes cut in the polylinker and which enzymes 
don't cut in the vector at all.  

   The problem is that none of the catalogs that we have on hand
list either pUC13 or m13mp13.

   Does anyone out there know a supplier of either pUC13 or m13mp13?
Alternatively does anyone know the answer to the question I pose
in paragraph #1?

-Eric Cabot
Eric Cabot                              |    elmo at uhura.cc.rochester.edu
      "insert your face here"           |    elmo at uordbv.bitnet

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