Automated DNA sequencing on ALF (Re: automated DNA sequencing)

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Mon Nov 25 12:32:00 EST 1991

In article <1991Oct30.182234.7292 at>, murphy at (Ellen Murphy) writes:
>   We are beginning to think that the time has come to buy an automated
> DNA sequencer.  This would be shared by a large number of labs; nobody
> here is doing mega-sequencing, but all those little bits and pieces
> start adding up.  I would appreciate hearing from people who are using one
> or another of these machines.  Any and all opinions will be helpful.
> ...
> Ellen Murphy
> murphy at

Hello Netters,
We have recently bought a Pharmacia ALF automatic DNA sequencer and would like
to share experiences with other users. For that purpose, as the target group is
expected to be relatively small at the beginning, we thought it could be
handled as a standart mailing list. This would also reach people not so eager
to pass the threshold of using bulletinboards...

If you are interested because you are running one /intend to do, then contact
us at our private address.

Lars Paulin / Christophe Roos
Institute of Biotechnology
Univ. Helsinki


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