Thermostable polymerases without...

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Thu Nov 28 10:07:04 EST 1991

In article <9111220629.AA17326 at>, bchtantw at NUSCC.NUS.SG (Dr Tan Tin Wee) writes:
> Dear all,
> Could anyone recommend me thermostable DNA polymerases for PCR that
> do not have DNA-template-independent polymerase activity?
> I understand that Taq polymerase puts in A's preferentially at the
> 3'ends of the PCR product (which is the basis of the TA cloning technique).
> Addresses of the vendors would be much appreciated.
> Thank you in advance.
> Tan Tin Wee
> bchtantw at
> bchtantw at
> bchtantw at nusvm.bitnet
> Dept of Biochemistry, Natl Univ. of Singapore.

Don't all polymerases without copy-editing/proof-reading ability do this?

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