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John Nash num208jn at MBDS.NRC.CA
Thu Nov 14 10:22:49 EST 1991

In article <E5A1E61A99FF40891A at twnas886.bitnet>, YHSUN at imb.as.tw writes:
>I would like to hear comments on (1) comparison on charged nylon vs. non-
>charged nylon membrane, (2) What are the critical factors of the various
>manufacturer's conditions for blotting, hybridization, and washing? Are
>they really critical? Or the standard method works? (3) Has anyone used 1M
>ammonium acetate for blotting with nylon membranes?
>Y. Henry Sun
>Institute of Molecular Biology
>Academia Sinica

I don't know the answer to (1) and (2), but I use Amersham's Hybond-N
membrane for Southerns dot blots and colony/phage lifts, and I've
mostly used ammonium acetate as my neutralize and transfer solution. 
I've not noticed a difference compared to Tris-HCl neutralize and SSC
or SSPE transfer buffer.

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