dsDNA clean-up with Sephadex

cbar89 at vaxa.strath.ac.uk cbar89 at vaxa.strath.ac.uk
Tue Nov 19 13:43:20 EST 1991

Does anyone out there have a suitable method for the removal of nucleotides
and, if possible, 20 mer primers from a reaction mixture using Sephadex
in a home made spin column. The dsDNA in the mixture is at least 120 bp and 
requires some concentration as well as clean up.
The sample should also be desalted in the clean up step.

Any help as to column preparation, spin times and g-force would be greatly

Martin J Pearce
Forensic Science Unit
University of Strathclyde
Glasgow UK.

PS Any suggestions for alternative techniques are welcome. (But we haven't
got a centrifuge that will take Centricon devices!!)

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