Anthony Davies adavies at vax.oxford.ac.uk
Sat Nov 9 08:16:55 EST 1991

In article <9111070925.AA03403 at genbank.bio.net>, K_GARSON at ICRF.AC.UK writes:
                           I would appreciate any comments on the various
> systems with respect to the yield and purity of the fusions, how easy
> are the systems to use and final suggestions on the suitability of the
> fusions for immunization. On the last point, I wonder whether the fusions
> should be used directly for immunization or should they be cleaved and
> and purified away when proteinase cleavage sites are present.

Fusions affinity purified on beads can be used simply by injecting the 
"loaded" beads - very convenient.
> if the fusion proteins are immunized directly, has anyone noted the
> production of antibodies against the vector encoded protein portion of
> the fusion (eg. GST) which cross react with mammalian proteins.

We get significant cross reaction of a guibea-pig anti-GST fusion sera with 
insect cell proteins, but not enough to be a nuisance (usually :->).

Anthony Davies 
Institute of Virology

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