PCR Primers

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-> Hello!
-> I have yet another question about PCR.  What is the minimum GC% that a PCR
-> primer should have.  What is the maximum and minimum effective size for a PCR
-> primer.  Thanyou very much, in advance, for your response.
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-> Sandra Pena de Ortiz     : penas at ucbeh.bitnet
-> University of Cincinnati
-> College of Medicine
-> Toxicology Program
> the 3' ends), this may say something about the minimum length required in the initial PCR cycles.
>Bruce Ramsey
>Marine Gene Probe Lab
>Dalhousie University
>Halifax N.S. Canada
>Disclaimer:  "THIS END UP"

Bruce, no matter which end of this posting I hold skywards, it still seems to be
missing something. Could you please repost? 



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