nitrocellulose,nylon and baking

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>I've been doing this stuff for several years and still do not know the facts behind the variety of techniques that can be done to immobilize DNA(or RNA) to filters
>What is the truth, and the explanation.

I hope we find out here over the next few days.. if we all compare
experiences we may glean something ;-) !

>Can you uv Xlink Nitrocellulose?

My Hybond booklet says that HybondC (Amersham's nc) may catch fire if
you try, so I never have.

>Can you bake nylon, (either charged or uncharged)
>or do you really have to do anyhting for nylon membranes.

I mostly bake my nylon filters (uncharged), but occasionally xlink
them if I only have one or two to do.  I've never noticed any
difference either way, results-wise.  I did come across a paper (but I
can't remember where, just now) that did find a difference between
fixing/baking and "no treatment" - "no treatment" worked, but the
other two worked much better.

>Does anyone have the One answer, or is it do what you want to do...
>Art Buchberg

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