ABI 3.5" diskette format

Donald A. Lehn donnel at helix.nih.gov
Thu Nov 21 14:04:06 EST 1991

In article <1991Nov20.152232.7779 at jax.org> mrk at jax.org (Michael Kosowsky) writes:
/>I'd like to read the floppies that the Applied
/>Biosystem's 380B DNA synthesizer
/>writes.  Does anyone know what format the synthesizer uses?
/>Is there any software for reading ABI's floppies
/>on a PC or MAC?   Or, can someone point me to software
/>for analyzing 3.5" diskettes of unknown origin?
/>-- Michael (mrk at jax.org)

The format the ABI synthesizers use is their own propriatory format.  It is
not compatible with any other format - neither IBM or Mac.  Their pin head
programmers must have felt the need to justify their existence by creating
a new DOS or else they were to cheap to cross liscense one.

ABI does have a kit though that consists of a serial cable and software
which will allow you to transfer files between the ABI instrument and
a IBM PC compatible.  I believe that the cost is around $500.00.  Yes it
is a rip off and everyone who has one of these machines should complain
about it.

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