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>There have been a couple of postings recently about reagents for Glass
>Milk purification of DNA.  A question for Chris Upton & Dennis Templeton:
>Do you add Na2SO4 to the NaI, or Na2SO3?  (sulfate or sulfite?)  If its
>purpose is to keep the iodide reduced, shouldn't it be the -ite?
>Chris:  Any recent results on sequencing after Glass Milk purification?
>Bill Melchior
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WOW!!!  What a typo! Na2SO3 should be added. But since no one else has ever
pointed out the typo....  maybe it doesn't do much!
Sorry, I can't add much in the way of results from testing the glass milk
purified DNA for the ABI sequencer.... we had problems with the machine
and in the process of getting it going again I had to switch to single
stranded DNA sequencing to get any reasonable data. Now I've finished my
sequence.... I'll try and play again soon.
We're still not always certain what makes a template GOOD for this machine.
Lots of variables to play with. Some templates just give great sequence for no
good reason!

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