automated DNA sequencing

Ellen Murphy murphy at
Wed Oct 30 13:22:34 EST 1991

  We are beginning to think that the time has come to buy an automated
DNA sequencer.  This would be shared by a large number of labs; nobody
here is doing mega-sequencing, but all those little bits and pieces
start adding up.  I would appreciate hearing from people who are using one
or another of these machines.  Any and all opinions will be helpful.

	Which chemistry, and why?

	Which machine? 

	What's a ballpark minimum number of bp/week that one needs
to be doing to justify automation?

	What about automation of template preparation and sequencing reactions?

	Will the sequencer break down if many different people use it?
(Since the answer to this is obviously yes :-), the real questions are:
will we need a dedicated technician to run it, and which company's service
department is the easiest to deal with?)

Ellen Murphy
murphy at

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