TA-Cloning kit -Sequencing

Joseph T.Y. Lau camlau at ubvmsb.cc.buffalo.edu
Fri Oct 4 08:16:00 EST 1991

In article <9110021716.AA17222 at server.uga.edu>, mcgraw%gandal.dnet at SERVER.UGA.EDU writes...
>Hi Raimo,
>I think maybe the vector doesn't have an appropriate priming site for the
>primer you are using.  It's worth double checking.
>				-Al
We have been very successful in sequencing from the PCR1000 vector that comes 
with the TA-Cloning kit.  However, you have to ensure that your templates are 
in sufficient purity since PCR1000 recombinants do not seem to grow as well
as other plasmids such as BlueScript or PUC in our hands.  The standard M13
forward and reverse primers works very well with the TA-plasmids.
				-Joe Lau

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