CTAB precipitation

BIOCHEMISTRY agoodrid at vaxa.weeg.uiowa.edu
Sun Oct 6 19:58:00 EST 1991

In article <1991Oct2.193448.5599 at usenet.ins.cwru.edu>
djt2 at po.CWRU.Edu (Dennis J. Templeton)

>Gosh, your real question is how to get rid of RNAse digestion products.
>No, ethanol precipitation is not good at this, though the protocol in
>Maniatis that uses high Ammonium Acetate is better.  We use 0.5 % CTAB to
>precipitate HMW DNA, this is much better than ethanol precip.  Other
>methods include glass powder binding and spin columns, and ion exchange
>binding columns.

>The CTAB miniprep we use is wonderful... rarely need a CsCl spin

I have tried the CTAB method on plasmid DNA but with limited success.
There may have been a problem with resuspension or ineffective
precipitation.  Is there something I should know to perform the expt better?

Usually, I use Qiagen columns to clean up my DNA but now I am curious about
the CTAB procedure again.


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