Home-made Glass Milk

Eric R Hugo erhugo at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
Sun Oct 6 09:34:53 EST 1991

     Since the discussion appears to be on glass-binding DNA preparations
I'll throw in a method we've been using to prep phagemid ssDNA to the mess
and see if anyone can use it.

NaI is not the only chaotropic agent in which DNA will bind glass
For phagemid (or M13 ssDNA) I routinely do the following:

ppt. phage from cleared culture sup. by adding glacial acetic acid to 10%
spin down pellet and thoroughly drain
resuspend pellet in 4.5 M sodium perchlorate (made in TE)
incubate 10 min at 50 C
add glassmilk for 10 min
wash 3X in cold NEET wash
dry glass pellet and elute into 20-50 ul of H2O

The DNA seems to work very well for dideoxy sequencing, hope someone finds this
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