electroporating tobacco protoplasts - Gene Pulser settings please

jjw at rsbs0.anu.edu.au jjw at rsbs0.anu.edu.au
Thu Oct 17 02:15:36 EST 1991

Hi Netters,
	we're doing some transient assay work with tobacco protoplasts and
are not having great success with survival.  We're using electroporation
to get our constructs in, using the Biorad Gene Pulser.  Could anybody out
there using this machine for getting constructs into tobacco protoplasts
please pass on the conditions/settings they are using.  We asked Biorad and
they claimed not to know of any specific protocols for electroporating tobacco
protoplasts with their machine.  (Yes, I was supprised at this!)  So if anybody
can help we'd be much obliged.


Dr. Jeremy Weinman	Plant Microbe Interaction Group
			Research School of Biological Sciences
			Australian National University

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