Detection of CA repeat polymorphisms.

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Wed Oct 23 11:57:21 EST 1991

	I am beginning to use polymorphic dinucleotide repeats (CA 
repeats) as genetic markers. I understand there are some technical 
problems which may occur.  I am confused by the proliferation of 
methods for detection of the PCR products, e.g.--

	1. Ethidium staining of ds DNA on agarose gels
	2. Using labelled dNTP or labelled primers followed by use of 
	   denaturing (urea +/- formamide) gels, then ARG.
	3. Running ss DNA on non-denaturing gels which will separate 
	   the CA strand from the TG strand.

I would appreciate any technical tips that would assist in 
the detection of polymorphic CA repeat sequences.

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