Freeze & Squeeze: DNA from Low-melt

Nigel Walker nigel at
Wed Oct 23 18:31:11 EST 1991

I have a collegue in need of a recipe [ it seems he left home without his book
of protocols].

He has described to me a technique which he calls freeze & squeeze, for 
isolating DNA from low-melt agarose.  The excized band is diluted in buffer 1
[this is where the cookbook is important!], frozen with liq N2, and centrifuged
through a tiny hole in the bottom of a 0.5ml eppendorf tube (into a 1.5ml tube).

I know a number of ways to isolate DNA from agarose, but this one intrigues me....  does anyone out there have the complete protocol??

thanx in advance.

Nigel Walker        nigel at       (510) 654-LEAF

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