oligo-dT selection.

Coady Michael coady at ere.umontreal.ca
Sun Oct 6 03:14:28 EST 1991

I'd be interested to know if anyone else has encountered or overcome
a minor but vexing problem with oligo-dT selection of mRNA.  We use
columns and find that some of them tend to get clogged and to run
VERY slowly.  Generally one has to discard the column and transfer
the oligo-dT cellulose to another column and then see if the new
one runs properly.  We are using pretty standard stuff, i.e. 
oligo-dT cellulose from Collaborative Research and 10 ml graduated
disposable columns from Bio-Rad.  The amount of oligo-dT cellulose
is not limiting (about 200 ul) and the slow rate is often
encountered prior to addition of sample, indicating that contaminating
DNA and/or glycogen are not responsible for the slow rate of flow.
If anyone has had better luck with other makes of columns, I'd
appreciate hearing about it.

Mike Coady

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