automated DNA sequencing

Dennis J. Templeton djt2 at po.CWRU.Edu
Wed Oct 30 23:30:00 EST 1991

In a previous article, murphy at (Ellen Murphy) says:

>  We are beginning to think that the time has come to buy an automated
>DNA sequencer.  This would be shared by a large number of labs; nobody
>here is doing mega-sequencing, but all those little bits and pieces
>start adding up.  I would appreciate hearing from people who are using one
>or another of these machines.  Any and all opinions will be helpful.

Wow... I watched a dedicated tech struggle for two years to get a little 
sequence out of the Dupont machine and while I think they might be ok (now)
for a lab with a big sequence project, I wouldn't try it for "bits and

Buy a Sequenase Kit and a BMW.

Maybe other folks have a different feeling, but that's my $.02


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