Luciferase gene-containing plasmids

Thu Sep 19 08:16:00 EST 1991

This is a sampling from the responses I got to a request
for information regarding the availability of lucifease-
coding plasmids.

Thanks to all who took the time.

From: agoodrid at
Dear Bill (or Bill's friend),

I don't know about a vendor for Luc plasmids but if you can write for
to get one from Steve Nordeen.  He sent me the plasmid in about a week
once I sent back a release form.  Of course, if you are in a hurry
this method may be too slow for your uses.

In any case:

        Steve Nordeen
        Dept. of Pathology
        School of Medicine
        Univ. of Colorado Health Sciences Center
        Denver, Colorado 80262

        for ref: Biotechniques 6(5):454, 1985

Good luck!

-= Stephen Klautky =-

From:   IN%"donnel at"

Promega just came out with a line of vectors.  If you subscribe to
Biotechniques, check out the add on page 307 of the Sep 91 issue

2800 Woods Hollow Road
Madison, WI 53711-5399
(800) 356-9526

You can ask for:

Luciferase Assay System Technical Bulletin 101
pGEM-luc DNA Technical Bulletin 104
GeneLight Reporter Plasmids Technical Bulletin 107
Donald A. Lehn, Ph.D.                      Phone: (301) 496-2885
Bldg.37 Rm 3D20                            FAX:   (301) 496-8419
National Cancer Institute / NIH            Email: donnel at
Bethesda MD 20892

From:   IN%"agoodrid at"
Dear Bill,

        Just today I was looking through catalogs for stuff for myself
and noticed the following companies carry Luc vectors.


Please note that these companies and the reference I gave you previously
describe different constructions using the luc coding sequence.  For my
purposes the vectors made by Steve Nordeen were ideal.

If you or your friend are going to use these vectors to study hormonal
gene regulation I strongly suggest talking to someone who has used
luciferase with those hormones (if you can find such a person).  There
is some evidence that luc is not the best reporter for certain hormonal
situations.  If your friend would like some idea of the problems one
can encounter I would be happy to give my 0.02 cents worth.
In any case - Good Luck

                -=-= Stephen Klautky =-=-
From:   IN%"red at"

    Promega Corporation
    2800 Woods Hollow Road
    Madison, WI 53711-5399
    Toll free 800-356-9526
    FAX       608-273-6967

Best wishes,
Dick Depew
Richard E. Depew, Munroe Falls, OH    red at (home)
uunet!aablue!redpoll!red              red at (work)

From:   IN%"BACKD at QUCDN.QueensU.CA"

Promega sells Luciferase in one of their pGEM vectors. Talking with
their technical depatment and sales reps, they should be out with pSV2
and p0 promoter expression vectors very soon. They may even be available
now. Give then a call to find out the current status. The cDNA is
available now if that is all you need.
Don Back
Department of Biochemistry
Queen's University
Kingston, Ontario  

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