DNA staining without Ethidium

Michael Benedik bchs1b at ELROY.UH.EDU
Thu Sep 19 15:07:45 EST 1991

	There was a recent thread on how to stain DNA in gels without using
ethidium bromide. This was especially important to some people designing
labs for high school students. 
	I was just browsing through a catalog I received from Midwest
Scientific where they advertise a product called "Nuclistain" which is a 
positive stain for the detection of DNA and RNA (double or single strand)
in agarose or polyacrylamide gels. Detection limit about 50ng. Visible
in normal light. 
	The vendor was 	Midwest Scientific, Tel: 1-800-227-9997
	(except in St.Louis: 225-9997)

I know nothing about the product or the company but just thought I would
bring it to your attention if anyone is still interested.


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	 Department of Biochemical and Biophysical Sciences
	 University of Houston
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