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> Does anyone know of a good cloning simulation program for the pc or unix?
> I've tried "easyclone" from EMBL, but this not does cope with more than a 
> single enzyme. 

I (and several of my colleagues) have used CLONE (now in version3) for
pc (MS-DOS), a program from:
   Scientific & Educational Software             [S&E]
   P.O.Box 440
   State Line, PA 17263, USA
   Phone: (717) 597-5307      

CLONE is actually a plasmid-manager which can handle both sequence-
and non-sequence based data (also in combination). CLONE has a lot
of restriction-enzymes as well as Klenow and exonucleases (5' and 3') for
making blunt-ends, - and you may chose orientation of insert-ligation
(when appropriate). CLONE also permits definition of FEATURES like
genes and markers (=single pos). There are also options for graphical
oputput of plasmids (probably best on a HP Laser) - and S&E have recently
released a follow-up to CLONE which is a plasmid graphical presentation
manager. I can recommend CLONE !

CLONE 3 is described in:
  Peterson,E.A. and Ward,D.F. (1990) CLONE 3: plasmid drawing and
  clone management software program for microcomputers.
  BioTechniques [Jun 1990] 8(6):690-693

After all this, I guess it is important for me to state that:
  I am not affiliated with, and I do not have any economic interests or
  other connections with Scientific & Educational Software. 
  The contents of this letter should therefore be regarded an
  independent "product review".

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