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Raymond C. Schafer schafer at
Sat Sep 7 09:05:48 EST 1991

My Clinical Microbiology Laboratory has gone out of buisness, and
I have several pieces of equipment to sell.  Here is a partial list.
If any of these interests you, you can call me about the details, or
send me e-mail with specific questions.

Small Incubators - These are small wooden incubators, about 1 cubic
foot of space inside.  They are perfect for physicians offices.
They hold the temperature fairly well, within two degrees C - so
they shouldn't be used if you require precise temperature control.
I have about 30 of these.  

Large Incubators - I also have a very large (25 cubic foot)
incubator and a smaller 10 cubic foot incubator both of which are
very precise. 

Microtiter plate reader and printer. -  This is a nice instrument
but you need to manually move the plate through the reader.  You read
the values, manually calculate the cutoff value, enter the cutoff
value, and then print.  The printout will show the absorbance values
on the top of the page in a matrix representative of the microtiter
plate wells, and the same format on the bottom of the page, but with
the interpretation based on the cutoff value.

Autobac Series II - This includes a cuvette reader, interfaced
to an IBM PS2/Model 30, a Maynard tape backup system, and an
incubator-shaker.  This instrument can perform susceptibility
testing and gram negative identifications in 3 hours.  There is
nothing quite as fast on the market today.  It can be adapted to
perform other tasks in research which require growth measurement
comparisions in multiple chamber cuvets. For example if you want
to see the degree of inhibition or enhancement of growth by up to
18 different substances at the same time - this would be a good

Olympus BHTU flourescent microscope - set up for FITC, binocular head,
and D-Plan objectives.  It is in excellent shape.

Pipettes - Titer-tek 12 channel adjustable digital pipetter, an eight
channel pippetor which can aspirate 1ml per channel and then dispence
in one of 3 quantities.  Several single channel preset pipettes - 100
microliters, 500 - microliters.

Autodiluter - A programable diluter which can aspirate accurately in
quantities as small as one microliter, and dispense up to 1 ml of a
reagent and the sample.   You program any of the 10 memory registers
with how much sample you want to aspirate, how many times to repeat
the aspiration if you reqire more samples, how much reagent to
dispense with the aspirated sample(s), and how much rinse to flush out
of the tip before repeating the sample.  This instrument was in
excellent shape until the last week I was open, then it no longer held
anything in memory after it was turned off.  I suspect a battery needs
to be replaced, but I haven't fixed it.

Lots of odds and ends. Call or write for details:

Ray Schafer                       
Route 1 Box 247
Lorena, Texas 76655
Home: (817) 666-0001
Work: (817) 750-5471

Internet: ray at       
Ray Schafer                 schafer at
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