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In article <920330.170633.kbrevik at pcdnr40> kbrevik at (Kristin Brevik Andersson) writes:
/>Suddenly , all the major companies (Serva, Sigma, Boeringer) have withdrawn 
/>Hygromycin B from the market (without any comment or reason ..)
/>That puts me in a real fix, because I am using Hygromycin B for selection of 
/>stabley transfected human B-lymphoid cells (hygromycin works a lot better than
/>f.eks. Geneticin).
/>I'm probably not the only one using eukaryotic expression vectors based on
/>Hygromycin selection....
/>Does anyone know of an alternative source for Hygromycin B, or heard of a 
/>reason for withdrawal from the market????????
/>Kristin Brevik Andersson
/>kbrevik at

I too would like to know why it appears to have been withdrawn.  Perhaps the
company that holds the liscense on it has discovered a new use for it and
is letting a supply dry up before an announcement.  A similar thing happened
with AZT.  You used to be able to get it very inexpensively from several
suppliers before it was announced as a treatment for AIDS.

There is one supplier of Hygromycin B: It is:

P.O. Box 12087
San Diego, CA 92112-4180

(800) 854-3417

400051 Hygromycin B	       250,000 units $24.00
			     1,000,000 units  62.00
			 5 x 1,000,000 units 248.00
			    10,000,000 units 434.00

Hope this helps

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