-80 degree freezer racks

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Tue Apr 28 13:41:18 EST 1992

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>>Can anyone help me re: sources for these? We want to organize our new -80
>>degree freezer, but face the eternal problem of a myriad of little vials, all
>>of which require some systematic storage method.
>>I have vague memories of white boxes with coordinates marked in black
>>lettering, roughly resembling the coordinates of a chess board. These racks
>>could be stored in wire storage frames.

>We purchased Nalgene "Cryoboxes" last year from Daigger, a 
>scientific supplyhouse but shoud be available from other 
>sources and direct from Nalgene.
>Boxes (polycarbonate; 9X9 --for 81 tubes), 
>Cat. No. 526-0909.

I have been using REVCO cardboard storage boxes.  They are not as durable as
the Nalgene plastic ones, but they are very inexpensive.  If you don't let them
thaw out on the bench, they can last quite a long time, since their real enemy
is dampness.

Daniel Kim

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