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Sat Apr 25 08:47:08 EST 1992

Freezer Storage Containers - Try Bullet Boxes

For some purposes, we have found bullet boxes to be the perfect
size and shape to hold microfuge tubes etc.
The ones we buy are:
   "Large Pistol 45 Auto to 44 Mag Bullet Boxes"
   from MTM molded products in Dayton Ohio

These are roughly 7.5 cm x 14 cm and 4.5 cm thick.
They have places for 50 microfuge tubes (or bullets I suppose)
They are very sturdy plastic, with a lid that fits snugly.
They come in grey-green and bright red.

Also - can we change the name of this newsgroup to simply .methods?

Hope this is useful to some.

Russell Malmberg
russell at

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